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Perfect Emailer - The Awards Winning Email Marketing Software, Mass Email Software and Bulk Email Software Solution

Perfect Group Email Sender Software is a newsletter and opt-in mailer, which sends out personalized emails to your customers or users that have requested info. Perfect Group Emailer can be plugged into your existing customer database to mail out weekly or monthly newsletters automatically. Perfect Group Mailer allows you to send plain text or HTML Newsletters and is also built with Tag Macros so you can personalize your email text. Perfect Group email marketing software is very simple to master with online help.

User Reviews

Simple to use bulk group emailer software!

Summary: I've been using this bulk group mailer for the last 2 weeks and it's been great. I can mail to my entire members list and can be sure that all my emails get past spam filters.

This mailer can also be used so that you don't get spam complaints from your ISP. It by-passes the ISP mail server and uses its own. It makes your PC a mail server.

The speed of the mailing is great. My entire members list of 100,000 was sent out in less than 30mins.

Great tool for people who need to send out emails to inform their members.

-By CNet User: Freeman

"Truly a gem for group e-mail marketing"

Summary: This group email sender is one of those rare gems that make your life easier - the automatic duplicates removal saved my *** more times I would publicly admit :)

-By Download.com User: Robert Giblett

"The best group emailer I found to publish stuff on the internet."

Summary: This group mailing software is simple to use, very reliable, can handle a massive amount of emails !!! I recommend this group mailer very much because of its simplicity and relatively cheap compared with other products. 

-By PC Magazine Reader: ramon irizarry

Perfect Emailer - Group Email Sender - Key Benefits

Powerful, built-in message editor

Perfect Emailer group email sender has a full-featured message editor. It supports both text and HTML formats as well as attachments.

Fast delivery

Perfect group emailer has its own built-in SMTP server. This allows you to bypass your ISP's server and deliver messages directly to the recipients' inboxes. It also uses multi-threading, which means you can send mail using multiple connections at the same time. Perfect Emailer group mailer ensures 100% usage of your modem capabilities as compared to the ordinary mail clients that use less then 50%.

Secured delivery

Perfect Emailer group mailing software delivers email without using any other servers. That means the message is not logged or stored on any servers other than the receiving one and is available only to the recipient.

Managed delivery

With Perfect Mailer group email marketing software, you can control the entire mailing process. You can stop and resume mailing at any moment without having to reload the message and the mailing list. You can configure this Group Emailer to imitate many popular mailers, such as Outlook. You can also personalize messages using macros.

Built-in Email Address Verifier
  Perfect Mailer - group emailer has a built-in Email Address Verifier module, with this Mail Verifier, you can easily check every email address from a mailing list and determine if the email addresses are still valid.
Built-in Web Email Address Collector & Extractor
  Perfect Emailer - group emailer also has a built-in Email Address Collector module, with this Mail Collector, you can easily extract email addresses from various web pages. and save them to the mailing list.

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