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How to use the built-in Email Editor?

Perfect Emailer has a built-in message editor and it allows you to create a message from templates, HTML file or URL:

create a message from templates, HTML file or URL

After you click Create an email from XXX menu command, the Email Editor will be displayed.

 Email Editor


Creating a new message

In Perfect Emailer, both HTML and text messages are supported. By default, you edit an HTML message with the built-in Email Editor.

A message can be reopened from the Email Manager - use the Email / Manage Emails command.

If you want to send a web page, you can load it to the message with Email / Create an Email from WWW. Type the site address there and Perfect Emailer will load this page for you.

Opening existing messages

To open an existing message, click Email / Manage Emails menu item. and then click Edit button.

Loading a message from a website

You can use Email / Create an Email from WWW to load a web page into the current editor. Just enter the path to the page and Perfect Emailer will load the page and all images from it (actually, the paths to the images will be saved and when you send mail, the recipient won't load them from the site).

Saving a message

You can save messages to be able to edit and use them later. click Save button in the Email Editor, and then you can manage them in Email Manager.

Creating a new HTML message from templates

Select the Email / Create an Email from Templates to browse existing templates. Select the template you want to use and click OK. The template can be edited and saved in the Email Editor.

Note: if you want to create a blank message, click Add button in Email Editor.

About templates

How to create a new template: you can create and manage your own templates with built-in Templates Manager.

built-in templates

Download more templates: Perfect Emailer has a few built-in templates. You can download more free and commercial templates from the Templates section of our site. or Register our FREE newsletter, we will send the new templates to you every week.

Technical details: actually, templates are originally EML files. save the file to the templates directory and Perfect Emailer will get a new template. By default, all templates are stored in "C:\Program Files\Perfect Emailer\Data\Templates"

Message is ready. Send it

Once the message is composed, you can load your mailing list and send group mail to its members. You can click 'Send Email' button in Perfect Emailer to select an existing email message. After you load the file, click Send Now button at bottom to start delivering mails.


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