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How to Send Emails without a Mail Server?

Is it really possible to send email without connecting to a mail server? Not really.

When people ask "Do you support sending email without a mail server"? what they’re really asking is: "I don’t have an SMTP server, and I want to send email. I see other components available where it’s not necessary to specify an SMTP server. Does your product have that ability?" In short, the answer is Yes. But you need to understand some things before you jump in?

Here’s what happens inside those other products that claim to not need a mail server: The product does a DNS MX lookup using the intended recipient’s email address to find the mail server (i.e. SMTP server) for that domain. It then connects to that server and delivers the email. You’re still connecting to an SMTP server. just not YOUR server.

Send Emails without a Mail Server

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